29 June 2010

Sofia Paras

Today we focus on Sofia, the winner of Contempo Busca Top Model Mexicana 2010. There is no doubts why she won, while looking at Sofia's piercing brown eyes and strong presence, which gives her an air of confidence. Appealing appearance. So Sofia Paras's mother agency is Mexican Contempo Models. By the way she's 15 years old and 178cm tall (5'10) with stats like 83-62-88 (33-24-35). Be ready to see her international career taking off in a near future.

27 June 2010

Monika Madej

Writing next note about Monika was ours immediate decision after seeing her polas. So it is. If you are wondering why, I answer - cheekbones - at first. But, in addition to her gorgeous cheekbones, Monika has green eyes as well as soft, brown curls. That are 3 main aspects which are most relevant to this particular question (more: age - 18, stats - 175cm, 82/59/87). Monika Madej is just signed with Starsystem Warsaw. We hope she will go abroad soon, perhaps to Seoul, Bangkok or somewhere else. Unimportant where, keep an eye on her.

25 June 2010

Edith Zsambok

Thick hair, mysterious gaze, fresh and cute face... She's alluring, isn't she? This is Edith Zsambok, 177cm (5'9.5") from Hungary, with measurements like 80-59-89 (31.5"-23.5"-35"). Her mother agency is Icon Model Management. Edith has been to Tokyo (at Donna) recently and she showed there that she knows how to use her high potential by doing some editorials, among other things for Spur and Fudge. Now she's in Athens at Ace. She's definitely another one to watch.

23 June 2010

Dagmara Raczynska

Are you ready for Dagmara? Hope so, cause she's ready to hit the fashion market. This 15 is from polish AW-Agence, already after a trip to Paris from where she came with new tests. Did I mention that she was there with IMG? Good start. Dagmara Raczynska has versatile face, 177cm height (85-59-89) and talent. Her tests are simply breathtaking. After seeing her photos we expect for editorials. And look out Tokyo - Dagmara is coming to town! (with Switch).

21 June 2010

Nicole Volfova

Meet Nicole! She is 178cm tall with stats like 85-64-89. New face from Czech Republic, where her mother agency is Unique One. Good pick as she simply is. Great bone structure, beautiful eyes... Nicole Volfova is represented by Wiener Models in Vienna and Why Not in Milan, it's a matter of time when she'll have more such major agencies all over the world. Stay tuned!

20 June 2010

Karolina Kaczynska

There is something in her gaze and presence what assures us that this girl has undeniable potential. Polish newcomer Karolina Kaczynska from Avant is 16 years old. With a runway silhouette of 180cm (87-60-90), she just need to gain more experience in front of the camera. Karolina has got proposals from Women and Elite. Can't wait to see how she develops. Avant, Karolina! (avant - french - means go ahead)

19 June 2010

Dagmara Ziober

Daga Ziober is a new face from Model Plus, Poland. What was my first impression when I saw her? She's flawless. She's got it all - height (177cm), measurements (80-59-82), proper age (she'll be 16 this year) and unique face. Face which is both beautiful and alien, perfect mix. Just look at her cute ears, amazing eyes, lips, everything! I'm impressed. By the way, Daga is in Tokyo at Donna now. Fingers crossed for her future!

17 June 2010

Agata Palka

Natural beauty, Agata Palka was discovered by Star System Warsaw, polish division of John Casablanca's concept. She has just turned 15 and seems to be delicate chameleon while looking at her tests. Agata has great measurements (178cm, 83-57-89) and legs to die for! With NEXT (worldwide) by her side, we are really interested what the future will bring to her. Tokyo at Switch coming soon, it's a safe bet.

14 June 2010

Agata Bryl

Let's get it started with Agata Bryl, shaping up well girl from polish model agency Avant Models. She's 15 with 172cm of height (81-58-85) and Ford was already chosen to represent her in NYC. Agata is in Taipei at Dolls now, then she's going straight to Tokyo, where she did her first steps last year. This summer she'll be at Wizard (last year she was at Bravo) but we hope she'll repeat and come back with good photos. It's even obvious cause she's doing better and better.