14 December 2010

Zsuzsa Vagner

One more girl with strong face, whom we can't overlook. Her name is Zsuzsa Vagner, she's 17 years old, modeling since this August. Zsuzsa was discovered on VM Supermodel contest organised by (now) her mother agency - VM Model from Hungary. Her measurements are: 179cm (5'10.5"), 79-60-88 (30"-23.5"-34.5"). This striking beauty is already signed at Marilyn in Paris and New York, Storm in London. She has worked in Paris and due to great feedback she's going there in January again. P.S. There are a lot of new pictures from Paris coming!

11 December 2010

Vanusa Savaris

Brown, long hair, brown eyes, couple of great brows, too. It's Vanusa Savaris from Brazil, where her mother agency is NASS Models. She's 18 years old and 177cm (5'9.5) tall (other measurements: 76-58-86, 30"-23"-34"). Vanusa is currently in Milan as one of Women (Worldwide). Her first trip was to Hong Kong with Model Management last year, she's also signed at FM Agency in London. With her graceful and delicate, yet elegant look, and mysterious aura, opportunities are limitless. Just wait.

08 December 2010

Tasha Franken

Time for new face. Currently on one-monthly stay in NYC, where represented by FORD. Subtle wave from Europe. Half-Dutch and half-Norwegian, born and grew up in Spain, living in London. Tasha Franken. Discovered by the director of Elite London, already signed also at Elite Paris and Milan. Tasha's measurements are: 177cm (5'9.5"), 81-58-84 (32-23-33). She's 18-year-old, who debuted in London Fashion Week S/S 11, where she walked for Vivienne Westwood Red Label. In November she appeared in editorial for Spanish Harper's Bazaar. Tasha is waiting for new show season now. And so do we.

02 December 2010

Janice Alida

Let me introduce you Janice Alida. Classical yet edgy, with a little bit tired gaze and Liz Bell as her mother agency. Janice Alida is 20 years old with silhouette of 180cm (5'11), 79-61-84 (31"-24"33"). She's placed at Spot 6 in Toronto, FORD in Paris and freshly signed at FORD NY. Janice has her debut in Paris Fashion Week S/S 11, where she walked, inter alia, for Miu Miu. Now this Canadian is in NYC, gearing up for the new year and is having a great response. Look out for Janice Alida in V Magazine and Teen Vogue as one of new faces to watch in the season!

30 November 2010

Basia Szkaluba

Basia Szkaluba was featured here in the beginning of July. She's GAGA's discovery. We were impressed by her great start which turn out just a warm-up. Since then she has signed with IMG Worldwide and Traffic Spain.
This Polish did 30 shows in Fashion Week S/S 11. 11 shows in NY, inter alia: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nicholas K, Proenza Schouler, Rag & Bone and Tommy Hilfiger. In London she did 2 shows, in Paris 7 (Rue du Mail). 10 shows in Milan, among other things: Blugirl and Jil Sander.
She appeared in editorials of Viva! Moda Poland, 25 Magazine, TAKE ME Poland, Twoj Styl Poland (twice), Glamour Poland and Dazed & Confused.
Turn up the tempo to keep up Basia, be careful not to lose your breath!

28 November 2010

Luma Grothe

Check her out! This is Luma Grothe, feminine beauty from Brazil. Her mother agency is Elite Model Management in her home country. She's in Milan currently, where represents her Women Direct. Luma is also signed at Premier in London. She's 16 y.o. but it will change in 2 weeks. As for the regular information, Luma is 175cm (5'9") tall, while other measurements looks like 81-59-89 (32"-23.5"-35"). Waiting for development of Miss Grothe!

10 November 2010

Codie Young

Discovered on Sunshine Coast in Australia by Summer Fisher - co-founder of her mother agency now, and immediately put to work - she's on exclusive with Vogue Australia, already did 1cover and 3editorials. Codie Young is one of Busy Models. She's 18-year-old with body of 178cm (5'10), 76-61-86 (30"-24"-34"). Codie is placed at DNA in NYC, Viva in Paris and London, and Vivien's in Sydney. She was in Tokyo at Bravo last month, where she had shots for Spur, Ginza, Elle, Fircive, as well as a bunch of others, which will come out in December and January there. Codie is also going to participate at Fashion Week Fall/Winter '11 in NYC and Paris. And when there's such potential at disposal, then the future career seems bright!

07 November 2010

Kate Wallace

Meet Kate Wallace! She's from Canada, where her mother agency is Sutherland Models. Kate caught our eyes with her... eyes! Big, almond-shaped, spreading an aura of mystery. But we can't pass over her lips, edgy look... Overall presence is intriguing. By the way - 175cm (5'9), 86-61-88 (34"-24"-34.5"). She's 16y.o. and signed at Chantale Nadeau in Paris so far. Maybe fashion world is bombarded with many new faces now but Kate is one of those who definitely stands out from the crowd.

29 October 2010

Alex Kirtoka

Attracted by her beautiful eyes which make an unusual integrity, while adding versatile features, we chose her as another one to write about. Brand new yet signed at IMG NY, Aleksandra Kirtoka. She comes from Ukraine, where she was discovered by L-Models. Alex's runway silhouette of 181cm (5'11), 84-62-89 (33"-24.5"-35) won't let her down as well.

25 October 2010

Michalina Glen

That was great summer for Michalina. She was in Singapore (Mannequin Studio), where she appeared on covers of L'Officiel, Marie Claire, Style Magazine and in many editorials. This 18-year-old Polish with melancholy gaze has a silhouette of 179 (5'10), 84-60-89 (33"-23.5"-35") and Eastern Models as her mother agency. Miss Glen is also signed at Storm Models in London and Karin Models in Paris. She's last year at high school now and next steps (with stronger book!) will be possible in June. We believe there's something worth waiting for!

23 October 2010

Laura Love

She's another one you simply must know. Laura Love is the newest addition at FORD Models in NYC, the USA. She was prompted by Anna Wintour to start her modeling career, what seems to be a good sign. While a silhouette of 175cm (5'9), 76-58-84 (30-23-33), classic type of beauty and clean, refined look are another factors on which she can rely on. Just fall in Love.

18 October 2010

Karin Hansson

Karin Hansson is the newest face of MIKAs, swedish model agency. She's 18 years old with piercing icy-blue eyes and measurements of 180cm (5'10), 71-60-87 (28"-23.5"-34"). Karin is waiting for some tests but she can even cope without them as she has already been placed at NEXT in NYC. After this promising start, we are expecting for more (she'll work full time next year) and when it does we'll be watching. Stay tuned!

11 October 2010

Ana Laura Kapetanovic

Fashion Group Consulting is always a reliable source of good new models. Meet their another discovery - Ana Laura Kapetanovic. This graceful porcelain doll is from Croatia and will be 18 next Friday. Ana Laura showed up at Lanvin Resort 2011. She's signed at Fashion in Milan, First in London, Uno in Barcelona and Okay in Hamburg. Her peculiar haircut, sweet and quirky type of beauty gives her many opportunities, while her silhouette of 178cm (5'10), 79-58-87 (31-23-34.5) doesn't hurt either.

09 October 2010

Mariana Santana

Mariana Santana is NEXT (Worldwide) on our list. Fashion world is raved about this 17-year-old Brazilian. With good reason - her fresh, high-end beauty and divine, strong presence on the runway are stunning. Mariana's mother agency is Eskimo Model Management, while her measurements are 178cm (5'10), 81-60-87 (32"-23.5"-34"). Have a look up and down (at her newest polaroids from Next Models Paris) because she's got all to rock fashion industry sooner or later.

06 October 2010

Kristine Drinke

Say hello to Kristine! She's a discovery of Fashion Group Consulting (International). Kristine Drinke comes from Latvia and is 18y.o. She's also at Elite Model Management in London, UNO in Barcelona, Fashion Models in Milan and Trump Models in NYC. With such placement, eye-catching look, strong gaze and body like 176cm (5'9.5), 84-60-89 (33"-23.5"-35") she has no need to worry about her future. So do we.

02 October 2010

Martyna Frankow

There is one more newcomer you should know and her name is Martyna Frankow. This Pole has just changed her mother agency to AMQ Models what turn out a good decision because she's already signed IMG Worldwide, which she's going to work full time after her school-leaving exams. Martyna is fresh, 18 for 3days, expressive, has interesting features and body like 177cm (5'9.5), 80-57-88 (31.5"-22.5"-34.5"). She's also represented by Bravo in Tokyo and Traffic in Spain, where she's going in one week. Waiting for more good steps in her career!

30 September 2010

Eunices Pineda

We are totally into exotic look, delicate yet strong, flexible face and extra full lips. And you? If so, you should make acquaintance with Eunices Pineda. She comes from Dominican Republic, where Luis Menieur Model Management discovered her. Eunices is 19 y.o., while her silhouette is 178cm (5'10) tall, 83-58-86 (33"-23"-34"). She's signed at DNA Models in NYC so far and we are pretty sure it's not first and only note about this girl.

28 September 2010

Dajana Antic

Check out this striking beauty. It's Dajana Antic from Canadian Elmer Olsen Models, which is also a mother agency of Daria Werbowy. 17-year-old Dajana can rely not only on her presence (180cm - 5'11, 81/58/86 - 32"-23"-34") but also on her mesmerizing gaze. She's placed internationally at FORD in NYC and Elite in Milan and Paris, waiting for a placement... on your radar!

24 September 2010

Hanna Koczewska

One more point for Poland. This time Hanna Koczewska with her subtle and captivating look scored it. She's the newest Rebel Models addition, signed hardly 4weeks ago and already worked at her domestic market, where she did Play Mobile commercial and campaign for two young designers - Muffin Wear. Hania is 14 years old, 176cm (5'9.5) tall, 79-61-88 (31"-24"-34.5"). This potential is on the way to develop and be explored. Stay tuned!

22 September 2010

Melinda Szepesi

Better take a look at her because she's on the list of top casting gurus as one of those who we'll be seeing on this fashion week and beyond. Daniel Peddle shared that Melinda is one of his favourite new faces. She was at NY Fashion Week (DNA Models) and did some shows, London (Premier Model Management), then Milan (Ice Squared) and Paris (Nathalie Models) lastly. Melinda Szepesi is 17y.o. with intriguing and unconventional look and body of 178cm (5'10"), 81-59-89 (32-23.5-35). Will she be the Queen of Hungarian Royal Model Management? Time will tell.

15 September 2010

Simone Carvalho

Meet Simone Carvalho! Very new and promising girl at FORD Models from Brazil. You cannot even see her on their website but you can already see Simone on the catwalk, as she's doing some runway shows in NYC (has opened Jen Kao show), where she's signed at FORD as well. This stunner with strong and exotic look definitely deserves your attention!

31 August 2010

Annabelle Tsaboukas

Annabelle Tsaboukas is freshly signed at Women Management in NYC. She captivated us with her soft features while her hair and stare make her look so fragile, ethereal and romantic. Annabelle adds wave of mystery to photos, can you see it? Or rather feel? They are not down-to-earth, they're like in a daydream, it's impressing. We wonder about her catwalk but will find out on NYC Fashion Week S/S11. And we would like to end with this specific aura which she leaves but there are some numbers you want to know: height - 175cm (5'9), stats - 79/58/86 (31'-23'-34'), age - 18 ...

30 August 2010

Lynn Amelie Rage

Just in time! Lynn Amelie Rage was scouted on vacation in Turkey by PMA Models. She comes from Germany, is 15 years old and has a silhouette of 175cm (5'9), 85-60-91 (33,5"-24"-36"). Miss Rage caught our attention with her beautiful eyes and peculiar face, I guess it goes without saying. And she sends these cool vibes that we can just relax and wait quietly for more of her.

29 August 2010

Olya Pasedko

Hello and sorry about quite a lot absence, we'll try to catch up on it now!
IQ has huge influence on decisions we make, generally on our life, so also on modelling. Olya Pasedko has entrusted her modelling career to IQ Models, Maryna Linchuk's mother agency as well. She's 15-year-old with measurements: 175.5cm (5'9"), 80-60-89 (31.5"-23.5"-35"). Olya has been to Seoul lately, where she built her portfolio up, and is signed at NYMM in NYC. Keep an eye on this Russian with mysterious and a bit mutinous gaze but gentle-featured (and freckled) face!

28 July 2010

Nadia Wojcik

Well, it's visible in the black why this note is about Nadia. You can't ignore her intense gaze as well as these brows! What's more, and is not that obvious, is her height - 176cm (5'9) - with body like 80-62-89 (31.5"-24"-35"). Nadia Wojcik has changed her mother agency to Rebel Models, she's also signed at NEVS in London and has been to Seoul with IT'S Models. Nadia will be 18 this year. Write her name down as another Pole to watch!

25 July 2010

Sofya Titova

Let's talk about Sofya. She's a real find of Grace Models, signed at NEXT in Milan and NYC. Sofya Titova is stunning from head to toe. By the way: 177cm (5'9.5"), 80-56-84 (31.5"-22"-33"). She's 15 years old Russian with strong and androgynous presence in the polaroids, yet delicate, elegant and simply beautiful in tests. Add her to your favourites as we did.