18 October 2010

Karin Hansson

Karin Hansson is the newest face of MIKAs, swedish model agency. She's 18 years old with piercing icy-blue eyes and measurements of 180cm (5'10), 71-60-87 (28"-23.5"-34"). Karin is waiting for some tests but she can even cope without them as she has already been placed at NEXT in NYC. After this promising start, we are expecting for more (she'll work full time next year) and when it does we'll be watching. Stay tuned!


  1. She's from my school. It's hard to be happy for her when I see her getting thinner every day.

  2. Had the pleasure of shooting Karin for Cover Magazine. She is amazing. You wouldn't think she is a new face at all. Hope she does well.

    Isa Jacob

  3. This girl is uh-mazing. I actually took notice of her on Mikas board like two days ago and I've been in a hunt for more pictures of her ever since (virtually I mean). The first comment on this post is a little disturbing though.

  4. Lovely.
    Those eyes! Wow..
    First comment is abit worrying though. Could just be jealousy??

    Still an interesting face.

  5. It's true, the first comment is true.
    I don't think this person is jealous, just worried as me.

  6. agree on the first comment.